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MCA Registered Company – How to check if Company is Registered on MCA Portal?

“How to check if Company is Registered on MCA Portal?”, Details that are mentioned on MCA Registered Company and information To Check Company Name Availability 


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is a government website that lists all companies registered in India. It contains information on all forms of businesses, including Limited Liability Partnerships. The portal allows users to look up information such as the business registration status number, date of incorporation, charges, directors, and so on. In this article information such as “How to check if Company is Registered on MCA Portal?”, Information on MCA registered company, and Information to Check Company Name Availability.

Details that are mentioned on MCA Registered Company

The MCA Master Database can provide information about a registered entity or a potential registered entity (Private Limited Company, LLP, OPC (One Person Company), or Limited Company for which a name approval application has been submitted). MCA Portal can be used to access MCA Master Data. After accessing the MCA Master Data search page, start a search by typing the whole or partial name of the entity in the search box.


If any entities matching the search query are discovered, results are displayed, and the user can choose the correct entity for which information is needed. The query returns “No matches found” if no entities matching the search query are discovered. The MCA Master Data can provide the following information on a registered firm in India:

  • ROC Registered Number
  • Corporate Identification Number (CIN)
  • Company Name, Category, Address, and Email ID of a Company
  • Authorized and Paid-up Capital of a Company
  • Company date of Incorporation
  • Company Status
  • Information of last AGM (Annual General Meeting)
  • Company’s Balance sheet
  • Listing Status of a Company

How to check if Company is Registered on MCA Portal?

  • Visit the MCA’s website.
  • Go to the MCA services tab and select View Company/LLP from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the Search button after typing the first three letters of the company name in – Company/LLP Name (Enter at least three characters for (Company/LLP Name)).
  • A list of company names will be presented along with the letters that have been submitted. Copy the CIN or click on the desired Company Name link.
  • If the CIN is known, enter the full CIN in the Company CIN/FCRN/LLPIN field.
  • Enter the CINs of the businesses. Enter the captcha code into the box. Submit the form.
  • By clicking the search symbol next to the Company/LLP Name column, you can look up the CIN (Corporate Identification Number).

Check Company Name Availability 

When planning a company registration in India, the first and most important step is to choose an acceptable name for your business and verify whether or not the name is accessible. To do so, type in the name you want to use and see if another firm has already claimed the name or if a company with the same name already exists. Because most businesses today have an online identity and websites, which are seen as vital aspects of maintaining their brand name and market presence, it is preferable to have a unique name for any type of organization to the extent possible.


The MCA has introduced a Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Companies electronically to make the checking process more simple and easy. This allows you to check the availability of the company name while applying for incorporation, ensuring that you have chosen a name that will not be rejected during the registration process. Otherwise, you may have to submit a new application or fill out the form and reapply until you find a company name that is available. 

Process to Download MCA Registered Company Incorporation Certificate

  • Log in to the MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) portal. Your user ID and password will be required.
  • Under the ‘MCA Services’ menu, go to the ‘Get Certified Copies’ tab.
  • Choose the firm details and type the CIN/company name for which you require certified copies.
  • Select the document for which a certified copy is required, as well as the year it was filed. As a result, it is usually recommended to first check the document through public examination before proceeding.
  • As a certified document, select the number of pages, range, and copies required.
  • The fees that must be paid, as well as the stamp duty charges, will be presented on the screen. Select ‘Add to Cart’ from the drop-down menu.
  • You will be able to add further documents for which certified copies are required at this point. Always add attachments one at a time, as picking the form alone does not guarantee that the attachments will be certified. Each request for certified copies of your attachments must be made separately.
  • After you have chosen your documents, select ‘View Payment Details’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Make a payment by clicking the ‘Make payment’ button.
  • Make payments with a credit card, a debit card, online banking, or a NEFT transfer.


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) publishes all the companies information online, which is accessible to the general public as well as the business. Companies must register with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and the status of their registration can be checked afterwards on the MCA database.

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