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A complete guide on “How to Start a Food Vending Machine Business in India?”

How to start a Food Vending Machine Business in India? And Documents required to start a Vending Machine Business in India

This article contains information on starting a vending machine business, how to start a vending machine business in India, and FAQs on vending machine business. With the rapid growth of digital payments in India, the concept of unmanned retail is gaining traction. Smart vending machines are an important aspect of unmanned retail in India, where they are now expanding.



Vending machine technology has become widely employed in recent years to receive a quick snack; it is used to dispense items to clients without the involvement of staff or human help on a 24-hour basis; the cashier is essentially superfluous, and it offers a variety of foods. Vending machines are automated, so you can use them when the transaction is completed according to the machine’s instructions. Some vending machines only accept cash in the form of currency, while others accept both cash and credit cards for electronic transactions.

Legal License required for starting a Vending Machine Business

Necessary Documents Required for Starting a Business in India

  • Business Name and Address

  • Nature of business in detailed

  • Authorized person identity proof

  • Passport size photograph

  • FSSAI declaration Form

How to Start a Food Vending Machine Business in India?

In 6 easy steps, you can establish a vending machine business in India:

  • Determine who you want to Target

Create a list of ideas and decide on a target audience. People going to work, students in colleges or schools, fitness nuts in gyms, residents in residential apartments or public places, among other examples. Having a target audience will allow you to tailor your items to them, resulting in an overall boost in sales.

  • Product Selection

You must consider which products would be best suitable for the audience you have chosen. Having the correct products sold at the proper location is one of the keys to a vending machine business’s success. If you are going to put a food and beverage vending machine at your local gym, for example, you might want to stock it with protein bars, pre-mixed shakes, electrolyte-infused drinks, and other things that gym-goers would appreciate.

  • The location needs to be selected to start a Business

In the vending machine sector, location is key. Choosing the greatest snack machine placements will determine whether your business succeeds. Always choose a place with a lot of foot traffic. Do not make the mistake of picking a place with little traffic. Keep in consideration the amount of space you have, whether your machine will be indoors or outside, and the level of competition your products will face. Your ability to create location leads is directly linked to your vending machine business performance.

  • Type of Vending Machine to buy and payment options

After deciding on your target audience and items to keep, the next step is to pick whether to purchase an Ambient (non-refrigerated) or a Combo (refrigerated) snack vending machine. Then look at the cost of a vending machine. The following step is to determine which payment methods will be retained. Whether you want a cash-only machine, a cashless-only machine, or a machine that accepts both cash and cashless payments, needs to be decided on.


Once you’ve finished all of this, you’ll need to start the FSSAI license registration procedure, as well as all the other license requirements that need to be completed, in order to start a vending machine business in India.

FAQs on How to Start a Food Vending Machine Business in India

1. FSSAI License is mandatory for starting a Vending Machine business in India

Yes, it is important to acquire FSSAI License for starting a Food business in India.

2.  Why on should start a Vending Machine Business in India? 

Below are the reasons why you should set up your vending business here:

  • The initial investment is modest. There is no requirement for a structure or office space.

  • The initial investment is minimal.

  • Depending on the area and items, vending machine costs can be readily recovered in a year or two.

  • Long Lifespan.

3. Is Vending machine business taxable?

Yes, unlike any other business, the vending machine industry is taxable.

4. What are the required document to get Basic FSSAI License for the business?

  • Proof of authorized person’s address

  • a passport-sized photograph

  • Name and address of the company

  • Nature of business details on the FSSAI declaration form

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