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Everything you need to know about Company registration in Wyoming

Company Registration in Wyoming: Benefits of company registration in Wyoming and process for business registration in Wyoming


Wyoming is a fantastic place for entrepreneurs to launch a business since it has the lowest income taxes and corporation taxes in the nation. Here in this article information on the benefits of company registration in Wyoming, and the process for business registration in Wyoming is mentioned.

About Company registration in Wyoming

When it comes to the state’s financial stability, Wyoming ranks third in the USA. It is one of the few states with a surplus in its budget. Additionally, Wyoming has prohibited the collection of Corporate or Personal Income Taxes due to its sound financial standing. When it comes to agriculture, tourism, and energy extraction, Wyoming is a very active state. The primary draw for corporations to launch their own endeavors in the state is its business-friendly corporate laws.

Different facts about LLC / Corporation Registration in Wyoming  

  • Corporate Taxes: In Wyoming, Companies are exempted from the Corporate Taxes.
  • Residency Requirement: Wyoming has no requirement for residency for the Members and Managers in case of an LLC and for Directors and Shareholders in case of Corporations.
  • Address and Names: In case of an LLC, it is mandatory to list the Addresses and names of the manager(s) & member(s) in the Article of Organization. While in case of a Corporations, Addresses and Names of the Directors are exempted to be listed in the Article of Organization.
  • Name of the Company: The name of an LLC must contain the words “Limited Liability Company,” “Limited Company,” “Ltd. Co.,” “LC,” “LLC” or “L.L.C.” at the end. While in case of a Corporation, it is not mandatory to use abbreviation like “Inc.” or words like “Incorporated” at the end of the name of the Corporation.

Process for business registration in Wyoming

  • Select a Unique Business Name

You must ensure that your LLC or corporation’s name can be distinguished from that of other business entities through the Wyoming Secretary of State’s records (SOS). By submitting an application for name reservation to the Wyoming SOS, you can hold a name that is available for 120 days.


It could be a good idea to register your company name as a domain name if you intend to conduct business online. Additionally, to make sure the name you intend to use is not the same as or excessively similar to a name already in use and prevent trademark infringement difficulties, you should conduct a federal and state Trademark Search.

  • Establish your business entity

    • Sole Proprietorship

Creating a sole proprietorship in Wyoming does not need you to submit any organizational paperwork to the state.

    • Partnership

Partnership in Wyoming can be formed without submitting any organizational paperwork to the state. All partnerships should have a formal partnership agreement, even though it is not legally necessary. If there is ever a disagreement between the partners, the partnership agreement can be quite useful. You must submit a Statement of Registration to the Wyoming SOS in order to establish a limited liability partnership (typically utilized by professionals).

    • LLC (Limited Liability Company)

In Wyoming, you must submit Articles of Association to the Wyoming SOS in order to establish an LLC (Limited Liability Company). Additionally, you must designate a registered agent in Wyoming to receive service in the process. Even though it is not necessary by law, you should also draft an operating agreement to lay out the fundamental guidelines for how your LLC will function.

    • Corporation

You must file Articles of Association with the Wyoming SOS in order to establish a corporation in Wyoming. Additionally, you must designate a registered agent in Wyoming to receive service of process. You should also draft by-laws to define your corporation’s internal policies, even if this is not legally needed.

  • Register your company in Wyoming

The next stage is to establish your firm after selecting your organizational structure. There are a few standard processes regardless of the formal business structure you select, including:

    • Choosing a unique business name
    • Choosing a registered agent: A person or company that accepts tax and legal documents on your company’s behalf.
    • Obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN), a number the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues to firms to aid in tax identification.
    • filing of formation papers.
    • Each business structure has additional criteria that are specific to that business structure besides these procedures.

The processes you must follow in order to register your business are as follows:

  • Create a Wyoming LLC

The easiest formal business entity to establish and maintain is an LLC. You can quickly create an LLC in five simple steps, which requires less paperwork than other business arrangements.

  1. Identify Your LLC
  2. Select a Registered Agent and submit your LLC to the state
  3. Establish an LLC Operating Agreement.
  4. Obtain an EIN

You must submit formation paperwork to the Secretary of State by online filing or by mail in order to file the Articles of Organization for an LLC in Wyoming.

  • Company Formation in Wyoming

There are five steps to starting your firm as a corporation if you decide that this is the best option for you. Choosing whether your company will be a C corporation or a S corporation is another important decision.

  1. Your Corporation’s Name
  2. Decide on a registered agent.
  3. Hold a meeting for the organization
  4. File Creation Records
  5. Obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number)

You must upload formation paperwork online to the Secretary of State in Wyoming in order to file the Articles of Incorporation for a corporation.

  • Open a Company Bank Account

No matter what kind of business you establish, you should think about setting up a separate business account to make it simpler to keep track of your earnings and outgoings. A separate bank account is required for some business structures, such as LLCs and corporations, in order to keep your liability protection.

Benefits of company registration in Wyoming

  • Wyoming imposes no state taxes on LLC for operating in the State.
  • There are limited obligations as far as reporting and disclosing the core facts of the business is concerned.
  • Wyoming has no state fees for Business Licenses or other Filing Fees
  • Wyoming has a flexible approach when it comes to Capitalization, Shareholders, Directors and Shares of the Company.
  • To register a Corporation or an LLC in the state of Wyoming, one does not require to have a principle place of business in Wyoming.
  • Also, for Shareholders, Officers or Directors, it is not mandatory to have a residency permit in Wyoming.


For entrepreneurs, forming a corporation or an LLC in Wyoming is the best option. Because it is the quickest and easiest way for the vast majority of people looking to start a business. With fewer complicated rules and regulations, it provides you with the same benefits and protections as larger Wyoming corporations.

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