Ebizfiling- The Concept

EbizFiling.com is a motivated and progressive concept conceived by like-minded people, which helps small, medium and large businesses to fulfil all compliance requirements of Indian Laws. It is a platform managed, operated and driven by top-notch CA, CS, IT professionals, Lawyers and Influencers, who have vast experiences into the respective fields. What differentiates us from others is our pricing, TAT, dedicated teams of professionals, whom we call Compliance Managers, digitally advanced platforms for client serving, among other things. 

EbizfilingHow we started?

Ebizfiling India Private Limited was formed in the year 2016 with a sole purpose of creating a platform on a technical background for Business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs for providing legal and compliance related services online. Started off with 4 team members and a handful of services, Ebizfiling has achieved multiple milestones by introducing more and more services to facilitate the clients. Ebizfiling today is considered as an Arena of Entire Business Solutions with 40+ highly dedicated and qualified team members including CAs, CSs, MBAs, advocates etc.

About the Founders

Ishita Ramani

Co-Founder and Operations Director


Ishita Ramani is an Operations Director and Co-Founder of Ebizfiling India Private Limited. She has 13+ years of rich and profound experience with various corporate sectors. In her career so far, she has led teams of 50+ professionals like CA, CS, MBAs and retired bankers. In the due process she gained vast knowledge of all the areas of Indian Statutory Compliance that includes Business Incorporation, laws and taxation. In her journey with Ebizfiling she has been instrumental in leading and setting up operations at Ebizfiling successfully.

Ravi Kariya

Strategic Advisor


Ravi Kariya is a Chartered Accountant and Strategic Advisor for Ebizfiling India Private Limited. It is due to his constant guidance, valuable inputs, his top-notch expertise of strategic planning and marketing skills that Ebizfiling has marked its place on the world map. In his 15+ years of career he has stuck to one ultimate goal “To beat the one who he was yesterday”. For him, success is when he achieves something more than what he had yesterday. Apart from providing his guidance to Ebizfiling, he runs his own Chartered Accountant Firm in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Our Core Team

Mansi, Ebizfiling

Mansi Ramani


Chief HR & Growth Specialist


Although Creative Thinking is Mansi’s not only passion, it certainly is the one that drives her career. MBA by qualification, Mansi has an experience of 5+ years who is currently working for the Growth of the company. Joined with 4 team members in 2018 and expanded to 40+ team members in 2020, she contributes her time for new talent acquisition, Payroll structuring, team building and training, framing growth strategies for the company. She is also a SPOC Manager for Ebizfiling’s premium clients and ensures timely compliance for their business entity.

Khushbu Suthar


Team Lead – Compliance


Khushbu is one of the most dazzling and radiant spirits of the team. She’s a successful Company Secretary and a Law Graduate. She has also successfully completed her Masters in Commerce. Over the span of 3 years with Ebizfiling, she has developed an attitude that suits and gels with the entire firm. She has proved her mettle in just few years and emerged as one of the indispensable part of the team. Apart from being the resource person for technical knowledge, her expertise in handling clients and team is commendable and worth learning from.

Ebizfiling, Vaishali Joshi

Vaishali Joshi


Team Lead – Execution


She has niche professional work experience of 3 years with expertise in the field of legal consultancy & compliance related to companies. As a Company Secretary by profession she handles compliance related work and also provides training to new employees. Her strong business acumen, allows her to view a business with a wide lens that narrows down to connect the dots, identifying & understanding the business nitty- gritty, take actions and drive solutions in accordance with legal framework. She is known for her skill to read and understand client requirements accurately.

Aaron O'hara

Aaron O’hara


Team Lead- Digital Marketing


Aaron has completed his Marketing after BCA and is currently pursuing his MA (English Literature). He is a young and dynamic Digital Marketing Manager at Ebizfiling. Apart from being vivacious and excellent with Digital Marketing, his creative side has the ability to create authentic contents for the readers. He also handles the whole Digital Marketing and SEO team along with the clients and gives his expertise in all the areas of work that he does.

Dharti Thakkar, Author, Ebizfiling

Dharti Thakkar


Team Lead- Contents


Dharti is a young, enthusiastic and intellectual Content Writer at Ebizfiling.com. She studied Law and after practicing as an Advocate for quite some time, her interest towards writing drew her to choose a different career path and start working as a Content Writer. Apart from creating contents for the digital platforms and websites, she also manages the website of the company. She has been instrumental in creating wonderful contents at Ebizfiling.com.

How far Ebizfiling has reached in just a few years?


Started with 4 members, a couple of clients, and a handful of services, with a unique concept Ebizfiling India Private Limited today has made its mark as the leading online platform that provides legal as well compliance services not only in India but also has started its operations in 10+ countries. Today Ebizfiling is offering 300+ services in 1000+ cities. It is interesting to know that till now Ebizfiling has served more than 40000+ businesses served around the globe.


With Each passing year, Ebizfiling thought from a client’s perspective and tried to introduce new services to facilitate its client base across the world. For this purpose, Ebizfiling has set up a team of experts in the respective fields from time to time. Ebizfiling India Pvt Ltd provides an entire gamut of services including Business Incorporation, Tax, and other registrations, Company annual filing and returns filing services, Legal Compliance services, Intellectual Property registration services, etc. Apart from this, Ebizfiling has also launched a few new services namely, Business Advisory Services, Tax Consultancy Services, Start-up Advisory Services, Premium Retainership Services, PEO Services, Logo Designing, and Digital Marketing Services as well. All we want is to assure our clients that whatever their business requires, we will provide them.

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