A complete guide on starting a Business in Canada for Foreigners

All about Starting a Business in Canada for Foreigners and Advantages of starting a Business in Canada


At first, starting a business in Canada may appear daunting. Because there are so many steps to the procedure, it is best to take it one at a time. This guide is intended to help you in realising your ambition of becoming an entrepreneur. In this blog information such as starting a Business in canada for foreigners, “How to register a Business in canada?” And “How to Open a Business in Toronto?” is described.


You maybe qualified to come to Canada under Canada’s Entrepreneur Work Permit programme if you are a foreign entrepreneur who wants to start a firm in Canada. This programme is for foreign entrepreneurs who control at least 50% of the stock in a Canadian company and can show that the company will contribute to the country’s economic development and create jobs for Canadians. Foreign entrepreneurs maybe eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada under several immigration categories after successfully establishing their enterprises in Canada and managing them for at least one year.

Advantages of Starting a Business in Canada for Foreigners

  • Low Business costs and taxes: Canada provides a low-cost and low-tax environment in which your company can prosper. Canada has a much lower overall tax rate on new Business investment than the other G-7 countries. Canada is the most tax competitive country.

  • Strong economic growth: According to Forbes magazine, Canada is the greatest country in the G-20 to do Business with. Canada’s fiscal position is the strongest in the G-7, and its fiscal prospects are among the best in the G-20.

  • Excellence in research and innovation: Canada provides a conducive climate for research and innovation, with world-class Research and Development infrastructure, scientific talent, and innovation incentives. Foreign investors can receive up to 30 percent of their Research and Development investment in Canada through a combination of federal and provincial subsidies.

  • Ideal environment to start a Business: Canada’s workforce is highly educated, adaptable, and multicultural. This will provide a vast opportunity for a Business to grow in the market, and help businesses in improving their efficiency in the market.

Business Structure for starting a Business in Canada

  • The simplest sort of Business to start is a sole proprietorship. You will be the sole owner of your company, but you will be personally responsible for any debt it incurs.

  • A partnership is a firm that is owned jointly by two or more people. Each partner owns a percentage of the company based on their investment and activity, and they share the risks and losses accordingly.

  • A corporation is a legal entity that exists independently of its owners. Unlike a sole proprietorship or partnership, your business income will be taxed at corporate rates, and you will not be personally liable for debt or losses.

  • A group of people democratically control a Cooperative incorporated Business structure. The founders do not profit, and any profits are distributed among the members or reinvested in the company.

  • A non-profit organisation, such as a charity or a club, provides a product or service that benefits the community.

How to Register a Business in Canada?

  • Select the appropriate Business Name

You will need to come up with a unique name for your Business before you start business in Canada. You should aim for a name that is both easy to remember and symbolic of your company. You will need to check if the name is available, as you cannot legally use a name that is the same as or alike to one that has already been taken.

  • Obtain BN (Business Number)

A Business Number is a nine-digit account number that the federal and provincial governments use to identify your organisation. If you want to incorporate in Quebec, you’ll need an NEQ (Quebec Enterprise Number).

  • Choose to Incorporate Business Federally or Provincially

The owner of a firm can choose to incorporate on a federal or provincial level. Federal incorporation allows you to conduct business under the same name in all provinces and territories, but the costs are higher and compliance is more difficult to maintain.

  • Application for HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) / GST (Goods and Service Tax)

If your Business’s estimated annual turnover is $30,000 or more, you must register for a GST / HST account. Merchants with lower revenue can volunteer to register, which will benefit the company since once you have a GST/HST account, you can get the taxes you paid as a Business refunded.

  • Get Business Permits and License

While most Businesses do not require federal or provincial licences, you may need to get some municipal Business licences and permits. If you want to operate a cafe, restaurant or driving school, for example, you may need a local operating licence. A municipal food premises inspection and food handler certification, as well as a province child care licence, maybe required for Businesses such as daycares or day nurseries.


You will almost certainly need a local Business licence if you maintain an office or engage in activities that will disturb your neighbours. On the government’s BizPal portal, you can access location-specific information on the licences and permissions required for your industry.


Certain enterprises must obtain zoning and building licences in some localities. Signs, access, electrical work, and other components not covered by your building permit will require permits. You will need a federal or provincial environmental permit if your firm has an environmental impact or if you work with dangerous products.

Useful insights for “How to Open a Business in Toronto?”

  • Assessing your readiness, deciding on a Business structure, conducting market research, and developing a Business plan are all steps in the process.

  • Choosing a decent name, checking if a name is already taken, registering, and protecting your Business name are all steps in the process.

  • How to apply for a Business number or a tax account, as well as how to register or incorporate your company.

  • Permits and licences from all three levels of government that you may require for your firm.

  • Support for immigrant and aboriginal entrepreneurs at the national and regional levels, including financing.

  • Learn about typical errors, bookkeeping best practices, and deductions by meeting with a liaison officer.


Many people arrive in Canada with past Business expertise or plan to start one from the ground up. Setting up a successful firm, on the other hand, is difficult, and the foundations of entrepreneurship sometimes differ depending on the region or industry. If you want to start a small business in Canada, there are a few things you should know.

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