E-verify your ITR using Net Banking, How to E-verify your income tax return using Net Banking?, Income Tax return verification

A complete guide on E-verify your ITR using Net Banking

A brief about how to E-Verify Income Tax Return using Net Banking


The electronic verification service is accessible to registered and non-registered users of the e-Filing portal. This article provides you with the information on ” How to E-verify your ITR using Net Banking?”


You can verify your income tax return using one of the many options offered. You can also e-Verify any other Income Tax-related submissions/services/responses/requests on the e-Filing portal to complete the respective processes successfully. You can select any of the below options for e-Verification

  • Digital Signature Certificate
  • Aadhaar OTP
  • Electronic Verification code (using Demat or bank account)
  • Electronic Verification code (using the Bank ATM offline method)
  • Net Banking

Why is it necessary to E-verify your ITR using Net Banking?

Once you file an Income Tax Return, it is mandatory to verify the same within 120 days from the date of filing the returns. In case one does not verify the filed returns within the given time, the IT returns that have been filed will be invalidated by the IT department. The IT department starts processing the returns filed as well as refunds if applicable, only after the completion of the Income Tax ( ITR) verification process.

How To E-Verify Your Income Tax Return Using Your Net-Banking Account?

Step 1: Click e-Verify Return on the e-Filing portal’s home page.

Step 2: Next, choose EVC using online banking and press continue.

Step 3: Next, choose which bank you wish to use to check the ITR.

Step 4: Log in to the net-banking page from your account.

Step 5: Open the income tax e-filing link that the bank has provided.

Step 6: Click the e-verify link, to verify the return.

Step 7: After that, the return will be verified.


Taxpayers must check the status of their tax returns within 120 days after making the tax return. There are six ways to check the accuracy of your income tax returns and Net Banking is one of them. It is now possible to verify the income tax returns (ITR) without logging into your account. The Income Tax Return filed without verification is insufficient This is why it is essential for every taxpayer.

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