Difference between Logo designing and Branding, What is logo designing?, What is Branding?, What are the types of Logo?, What are the types of branding?

What is the difference between Logo Designing and Branding?

All you need to know about the difference between Logo designing and Branding


A company’s identity is based on its branding strategy, and the logo serves as a visual representation of that brand. When you are marketing and promoting a consistent image and voice, a logo identification system and a strong branding system are both essential. In this article information on “What is Logo Designing?”, “What is Branding?”, Difference between Logo designing and Branding is mentioned.

What is logo designing?

A logo serves as a brand’s visual representation and the foundation for its branding. A strong logo may provide your business recognition and differentiation among its consumers. It attracts attention and leaves a positive first impression if it’s done right.


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What is Branding?

Branding is the act of creating a strong, favorable image of a business, its goods or services in the minds of the public by presenting features such as logo, design, content, and a consistent theme throughout all marketing communications. A brand maybe defined as the concept or picture that people have in mind when considering certain goods, services, and activities of a firm. There are 4 major types of brands that are known in the market.

  1. Service Brand
  2. Product Brand
  3. Personal Brand
  4. Corporate Brand

What does the branding include?

The following branding methods are connected to several factors that go into creating a company’s brand. The following are important considerations for a thorough and effective branding strategy:

  • Establishing corporate goals and figuring out how to reach them
  • Brand identity (brand name, logo etc.)
  • Promoting and advertising (online marketing, social media, influencers, print advertising, etc.)
  • Partnerships and sponsorship
  • Packaging (eg personalized to each customer)
  • Customer care service
  • Online customer service experiences
  • Pricing guidelines, privacy policies, etc.

What are the types of Logo?

It doesn’t take much time for one to summarize his/her company’s strengths and distinguish themselves from the competitors and from that visualization, one can create a strong logo to leave a strong impact on consumers’ minds.


You have a visual communication tool with logo design to help in expressing your message to the public. Text, color, form, and drawings are all that is used to makeup logos. People may use it as a self-explanatory visual to relate to your brand. This informs the audience and gives them a practical reference point for your ideas and brand. There are 4 types of Logos –


1. Wordmark logo – The wordmark logo is a style that depicts the full name of your company


2. Lettermark logo – The simplified name of the brand makes up this logo, which is often known as an initial logo or a monogram.


3. Combination mark logo – By presenting two distinct forms of brand identity at once, this design helps in more direct brand introduction.


4. Brand Mark – It’s not necessary to include a word in logo so brand mark logos only include artwork to identify the brand.

What is the difference between Logo Designing and Branding?



In the simplest way, one can say that branding is a method to distinguish your organization.

A logo is a mark or emblem to identify a company.

branding involves building a whole brand.

logo design just refers to the act of creating a logo.

A brand should be presented in a unique manner as it helps customers in remembering a company’s product and services.

A logo that lacks a branding plan won’t hold up to consumer needs as a structured logo helps people to remember the brand.

Branding may be summed up as the whole of a company’s components.

Logo is just a small part of your brand.


There is a connection between branding and logo designing which helps a company to reach the peak. A strong branding strategy and a well-designed logo are just two components to build an organization as logo represents a brand in a unique and memorable way and helps customers in remembering their previous experiences with the brand.

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