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HR Payroll Process – Importance, Challenges & Task performed by HR in Payroll Process

“What is the Payroll Process?”, HR Payroll Process Management and Task performed by HR in Payroll Process


It is the crucial duty of the HR manager to make sure that everyone gets paid fairly and on time. Employee trust and organization reputation can both be harmed by even one error. Therefore, processing payroll is a crucial duty that must be carried out correctly. In this article, information on HR payroll Process Management, Importance of Payroll, Challenges faced in Payroll at the time of processing, and Task performed by HR in Payroll Process.

What is the Payroll Process?

The process of calculating an employee’s “net pay,” which takes into account all applicable taxes and deductions, is known as payroll processing.


It is a challenging process that requires coordination between various offices, including payroll, Human Resources, and finance. Businesses, however, may easily handle all the complexities by using the payroll software that is available today.


A payroll cycle is the interval between two salary disbursements. Depending on the demands of the company, salaries maybe paid every week, every three months, or every other month. It is normally processed once a month in India.

Core Features of a Payroll Software

  • Leave and Attendance handling of the employee
  • Automatic payroll and payroll distribution
  • Statutory compliances
  • Payroll reports
  • Online salary payments

HR Payroll Process Management

An employer can track the salaries of their employees using a payroll management system. The salary structure includes all of the following: salary, allowances, deductions, and net payments to employees. Payroll software can automate complex calculations that were previously performed manually.


Performance management keeps track of each employee’s performance data. As a result, it helps businesses get a detailed image of the performance and competencies of their employees, enabling management to plan training according to each employee’s needs and expectations. This kind of staff performance review can be quite helpful for planning and general productivity improvement.


The HR Payroll System helps businesses decrease the number of employees who manually track items like attendance, salary, working hours, and income taxes. Payroll activities that are repeated frequently may get monotonous, which may result in a mistake. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to streamline the procedure to make sure that accurate data is provided. Systems for managing HR payroll help companies lower payroll errors.

Importance of Payroll Setup for HR

  • Data security regulations are typically very strict. The degree of administrative and access privileges reflects the effort to keep employee information as private as feasible. Employees can also access information about their salary.
  • Additionally, it provides a thorough image of the company’s pay, which is essential for a financial assessment. A straightforward calculation might give the company the entire financial impact of such information in the case of pay increases.
  • In most cases, current payroll systems are just as affordable as remote cloud options. The business only needs active registration to maintain the database. Systems for managing employee salaries save a lot of money by only utilizing a few pricey resources.

Challenges faced in Payroll at the time of processing

  • Compliance with Statutory Laws

As previously said, failure to follow statutory laws may result in the imposition of fines and penalties and, in the worst situation, may even endanger the company. With the help of payroll administration software that is available today that automatically performs payroll in accordance with legal standards.

  • Dependence on Several Sources of Payroll Input

Before payroll, you need to gather all the data from sources like the attendance register, the record of transportation services used, the data from the HR team, such as compensation revision information, etc. For many years, HR and payroll officers managed payroll using Excel sheets, but these spreadsheets have issues, such as the need for Excel formulas to calculate salaries, the difficulty of adding and removing employees, and other restrictions like manual data entry and information extraction challenges.

Task performed by HR in Payroll Process

  • Additionally, overseeing compliance and accuracy in monthly payroll processes, this job is in charge of monitoring and administering the company’s shared payroll services.
  • HR needs to make sure that payroll is delivered precisely and on time.
  • Overall accountability for managing and processing payroll is done by HR management team.
  • Manage specific time-sensitive processes and ensure data, such as investment declarations, Form 16, and tax returns, is verified to be correct and true.
  • Ensuring that deadlines for compensation distribution and legislative compliance are managed by HR team.
  • Ensuring employee benefits, such as employee reimbursements in accordance with income tax laws.
  • Payroll verification and reconciliation each month.
  • calculating and depositing the monthly TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) obligation for pay.
  • Making and submitting quarterly and yearly TDS returns.
  • Accountable for monthly Payroll Dashboard publication.
  • Ensure Finance receives monthly payroll provisions.


Payroll software will assist HR in managing all employee tasks with utmost accuracy while also saving time for other business activities. Therefore, the HR (Human Resource) must plan the payroll management process step-by-step for an effective payroll administration procedure.

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